Seahawks fans are P.O.'d
Recently, a new t.v. advertisement promoting "Beats by Dre`" (a line of headphones created by rap artist Dr. Dre) was aired and it has fans of the Seattle Seahawks in an uproar.
Seahawks 12th Man Gets Props On FOX’ ‘NFL Sunday’
In case you missed it before last Sunday's telecast of the Seattle Seahawks home game against the Minnesota Vikings (which Seattle won, 41-20) the Fox pre-game show "NFL Sunday" showed the entire country what we have known here in the Pacific Northwest for a long time.
Mariners Fan Catches Foul Ball In His Beer Cup
In last night's debacle at SafeCo Field, where the Mariners dropped their second consecutive game to the Houston Lastros.
The one highlight for the local nine didn't even occur on the field but, rather, at the hand (and cup!) of a fan who made what is arguably the greatest foul ball catch ever. His p…