Thank You GoPro!
GoPro, the little camera you can take anywhere has been capturing some amazing things. Skydiving, insects in the yard, underwater exploration... and now a lady jogging! Thank You GoPro! Thank you!
Fireman Save Kitten, Restores Faith in Humanity [VIDEO]
Fireman Cory Kalanick from Fresno, CA used his GoPro while out on duty. The footage shows Kalanick and his fellow firefighters walking through a house after a fire has been contained, checking each room to make sure everyone has gotten. As he walked into a bedroom he found a small kitten, left for d…
Man Puts Camera at the End of Trombone
I love those GoPro cameras. Creative minds have put them on bicycles, parachutes and so much more to experience what it's like to be there. This guy, however, decided to attach his camera to the end of a trombone. For some reason, it makes it slightly silly and is hard not to laugh.