Ice, Accidents Close I-82 From Union Gap to Sunnyside
Black ice made driving treacherous throughout Central Washington early this morning (Feb. 15), causing two separate semitruck accidents south of Toppenish and resulting in the closure of both directions of Interstate 82 for 13 miles.
The wrecks -- the first in the westbound lanes at Milepost 48 near …
Airport shuts down again
The Yakima Air Terminal -- which closed Tuesday evening because of dangerously icy conditions, then reopened Wednesday afternoon -- has closed again, according to the city of Yakima.
All flights to and from the airport have been canceled until at least Thursday morning, a city news release …
December 21st Is The First Day Of Winter
Today (Dec. 21) is the Winter Solstice, marking the first day of winter. It is still pretty cold today, but at least it isn't snowing. That was last week. That is when the first day of winter should have been -- on our first snow day.
My Lake In The Winter Is Awesome - Half Ice, Half Water
I really do not like driving in snow. But I admit it, the snow is really cool looking and fun to play in. One of my favorite things to do in the winter is ice fish. A lake that is just outside of Yakima is perfect for it. What is even more cool about the lake is, most people do not even go there dur…
Frozen fish, anyone?
I remember a long time ago I was taking a walk along the Stillwater River in Montana and I witnessed the river starting to flow after the ice started to melt, and I wish I could have videoed it then. This guy did catch a river starting to flow on video and it is a must-watch for sure.
The First Muppet ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
We've seen many celebs do it. Local peeps do it. Heck even your grandma! But we have now finally seen A Muppet take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
Remember you can do just like Kermit & the other Muppets and help by donating to the ALS Association,