Cold, hard truth
Passengers on RyanAir were curious as to why their flight was being delayed. The reply from the flight attendant is priceless.
'Grudge porn' justice
A Texas judge thought that it would be funny to make a fake 'Sex-For-Hire' ad on the Internet using pictures of his ex-girlfriends. The joke's on him. He is in jail on a $600,000 bond!
Darwin Award Goes To.....
This is for sure, one of the strangest things that we have all heard. The man sneezed out a toy suction cup dart that had been in there for over 4 decades.
The Pentagon has admitted recently to holding phony ceremonies to welcome home the remains of Veterans who died or were captured in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Often the caskets were brought off of cargo planes that weren't even capable of flying (they were towed into place).  However..…
Human Poop Is Gross!
I can see if it was an animal or a homeless person but a woman who is out breathing in fresh air and getting her 'Run On' is also getting her 'Poop On' over and over again in the same place!

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