The 10 Most Interesting Buildings In Yakima
This list is sure to create some controversy as I'm sure I'll accidentally leave a well designed building off the list. My apologies to anyone who feels slighted but these are the coolest buildings in Yakima from my perspective as someone who has lived here for a year and a half...
The 71 Best Things About Living In Yakima
Some folks from the Westside and in the Tri-Cities have unfairly ripped into the Yakima Valley and we think it's a pretty damn awesome place to live. So we compiled our list (with help from our listeners) of the 71 best things about living here:
Yakima's 5 Best Restaurants On Valentines Day
Fellas, Valentines Day is not the day to whip out a Groupon or take your lady to a place with a 2 for 1 special. If you're planning on getting lucky then you're going to have to part with a few greenbacks. They say a good meal is the way to a man's heart but it is also the way to a wo…
DIY Top 10 Ways To Become Rich Illegally In Yakima
In these lean economic times when unemployment in Yakima County is 1.5 percent above the national rate, Yakmanians are looking for any way to make a buck. So if you're willing to do the time, here are the crimes that could make you a millionaire:
What Cartoon Should They Bring Back on TV?
And I'm not talking and a reboot or and updated version of it, I mean which cartoons did you grow up with that they don't show anymore. Even in reruns, you'd like to see it on TV every once in a while? Here's what I'd love to see.

Earthworm Jim
Conan: The Adventurer
Gobots (I know, it's not T…
Guys with Glasses in Movies and TV Shows
As a glasses-wearer, and I have been since the third grade, I'm always fond of anyone who wears glasses in TV shows. Thinking about it, not too many people wear glasses on TV. How many can you list? Here's all I came up with.

Steve Urkle
Dexter (from Dexter's Laboratory)
Leonard Hofstadt…