Halloween Costume On A Budget
On Saturday, still 2 days away from payday, I found myself short on funds but in need of a costume for the Halloween Party we had at Jack-sons. I found the basic top hat, bow tie and vest at Value Village for $15 and got the hair and white makeup for my beard and brows for another $6...
The "Old Patrol" Delivering Food To Rod's House
I'm mentally about 15. Unfortunately, no matter what an immature twit I am in my head, it's inside the body of a 52 year old man. I don't even think I look my age but that's probably because I don't have to look at myself all day.
So today we had to deliver the food and cash…
KATS travels well
My friend from Yakima Valley builds high-end houses all over the United States. I gave him a few KATS roller banner pieces and said to him "You should take a picture with these wherever you are!" And so he did -- and does!
Sunrise In Yakima Is Spectacular!
As someone who has to get up early every morning and drive to the work from the west to the east I get treated to some of the most spectacular sunrises. A couple of days ago just the sliver of the moon was visible in the photo I took here...

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