UPDATE: Fake Powerball Winner
By now, you've probably realized that last Wednesday's record-breaking Powerball "winner" who offered $1 million to random person on Facebook was a phony, but there may be a silver lining for a young lady here in our state.
Fake Winner's Bro Speaks
Last Friday, I warned you to not fall prey to the internet hoax that was spreading like wildfire on Facebook that involved a man by the name of Nolan Daniels who claimed that he had won the record-setting Powerball jackpot and was going to award $1 million to a random person for simply sharing his F…
Fox News Interviews Some Dude – Hilarity Ensues [VIDEO]
Fox News was doing a report on unemployment rate and how today's younger generation, which they're calling the 'boomerang' generation as they leave home for college, then return home afterwards, may consider voting for Romney in this year's presidential election. The guy the…
Prankster Fools Cops Into Thinking He’s Spray Painting
I love these 'prank the cops' videos because it's something I would never do. However, it's seemingly no problem for Roman at Wood who prank cops often. Their most recent involves them attempting to remove graffiti using an air duster, but, from a distance, it looks like they&apo…

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