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Get your own ride
I love going on road trips! Stopping and seeing everything and listening to whatever kind of music I want makes trips like that more enjoyable. My daughter is the best road-tripper because she is funny and likes to hang out like I do.
SNL 40 Brings Back ‘The Californians’ With Taylor Swift
A few key members of the SNL cast and crew must love “The Californians” because the much-derided sketch was brought back to life for the show’s star-studded 40th anniversary special. For those of us who have always enjoyed this bizarre sketch (and there are about three of us), i…
Taylor Swift Nerds Out on Jimmy Fallon's 'Ew!'
Jimmy Fallon has never been a teenage girl. Taylor Swift, however, has. Still, the veracity that Fallon brings to his performance as a teen in his fake-talk-show-within-a-talk-show, 'Ew!,' is pretty striking -- he somehow seems like more of a teenage girl than his guest, who was a teenage …
The Funniest Video Ever - "More NFL: A Bad Lip Reading"
You probably remember the classic "NFL: A Bad Lip Reading" video from last season where we saw a few dozen coaches and players saying some completely random and hilarious quotes. It was so good that McDonald's hired the crew from Bad Lip Reading to create their Mighty Wing&apo…
Considering what the world is talking about today clearly isn't the war or poverty or how the laws are changing, it is what Kim Kardash...... Whatever and who Taylor Swift is sleeping with right now!