the creek

Hop On Your Bike And Ride Past The Hops
Central Washington Bike Nights hits the road tonight (June 6) to the Creek Roadside Grill and Bar, 108 S Iler St. in Moxee. We will be there from 6-8 p.m. having a good time. What's so cool about this Bike Night is that it's in Moxee and you can ride past all those amazing hop. It is …
Going with the flow
Bike Nights took the scenic route this week, heading out to Moxee for a run to The Creek Roadhouse Grill & Bar.
And we couldn't have asked for a better night! As you can see in the photos, the weather was perfect, the food was top-notch and the beer ... ...
We're gonna be Creek-side!
Another awesome road trip is going down this Tuesday (Aug. 23) at The Creek Roadhouse Grill & Bar in Moxee. Kickstands up at 5:30, get there by 6 p.m.!