AMC Now Says It Won’t Allow Texting in Its Theaters
Just days after confessing, in an interview with Variety, that he was open to the idea of allowing texting in some of his movie theaters, AMC CEO Adam Aron has reversed course. Non-texters, you can continue to patronize AMC; in a statement, Aron announced that “there will be NO TEXTING ALLOWE…
Requiem for a Movie Theater (And Maybe All Movie Theaters?)
The Ziegfeld Theater isn’t much to look at from the outside. True, it has that old-fashioned marquee, with the little light bulbs and the name “Ziegfeld” written in perfect cursive, as if God himself signed his name to a building. But otherwise its exterior is totally nondescrip…
Fantasy scenes
Check out this list of some of the most amazing home theaters you'll ever see for some serious inspiration, and then get back to work scrounging up pennies to pay for this kind of massive project.