white zombie

Happy Friday The 13th
There are always a billion songs that you can listen to on Friday the 13th, but there are some that you just can't LIVE without.
Kelly West's Top 5 Zombie Tunes!
Rob Zombie never seizes to amaze me when I see him live. Even though White Zombie isn't a band anymore, his still does White Zombie tunes when his is on tour! Thank god!
Timmy’s Basement Babe of the Night! – Sean Yseult
The hottie on Bass in the band of White Zombie rocked us for damn near 12 years before they disbanded in '98, but the awesomeness of their music lives on, and her hotness just can't be beat! Get your hairballs now in the KAT HOUSE for Timmy's Basement Babe of the Night for Monday, Sea…