The pro-Trump riot at the United States Capitol Building on Jan. 6 left five people dead amid overwhelming video evidence confirming acts of violence and destruction of property perpetuated by the mob. Ted Nugent, however, claims he has not seen any evidence of such in a video he laced with debunked lies and misinformation.

Nugent, one of rock's most outspoken conservatives, has long been a supporter of President Trump and even performed at two of his pre-election rallies in Michigan.

In the latest episode of his internet show "Spirit Campfire," the guitarist used the opportunity to state Trump did not incite violence in his speech at a "Stop the Steal" rally mid-day on Jan. 6. A pending impeachment hearing, which charges the president of inciting insurrection, is expected to proceed today (Jan. 13).

Nugent reiterated false claims of a fraudulent election, falsely claimed that Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists "infiltrated that peaceful [Capitol Building] protest," and even went as so far as to say he does not believe anyone involved was hurt and that no property was damaged.

However, the New York Times has chronicled all of the property damage that was a direct result of the attack on Jan. 6.

The rocker said he would reverse his opinion if presented with evidence that proves otherwise, of which there is an overwhelming amount of.

Presented below are unedited excerpts from Nugent's "Spirit Campfire" episode (transcription via Blabbermouth).

Donald Trump did not incite violence. I read his speech over and over again. Zero inciting of any violent or criminal behavior. He wanted to make a statement, just like Martin Luther King Jr., that many, many — millions — of Americans would go to our house, the Capitol in Washington, D.C. and make the unified statement [that] we believe in Donald Trump, we believe in the good deeds he has accomplished, and that we are fearful that the tsunami of evidence of a fraudulent, corrupt, manipulated voting orgy that you just can't say there's no evidence of fraud. An election by a guy" — referring to President-elect Joe Biden — "that never campaigned, that did not get more votes than Barack Obama; he did not get more votes than President Trump. The suitcases came out, and the people that were supposed to monitor the votes were thrown out of the room; there's footage of it. There's sworn testimony and affidavits by people who were thrown out of the voting precincts, whose job it was to [monitor the vote counting]. I could go on.

I think everybody knows that every possible deception was applied to the recent election, and Donald Trump wanted Americans who believe that, witnessed that and know that to make a peaceful protest out of the First Amendment," he continued. "And I am convinced equally to those statements I just made that Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists infiltrated that peaceful protest, and they are the ones who initiated the violence.

Did some overzealous Trumpsters get out of hand? I don't believe they hurt anyone; I don't believe they damaged anything. And if they did, and if I see evidence to that end, I will admit it. Nobody's pure; nobody's soul is incapable of mistakes.

But I believe that the bizarre, maniacal scramble to shut down this president, to shut down me, to shut down [conservative social media figure] Candace Owens.

Among the videos circulating online, one shows Capitol police discharging a gunshot (warning: graphic content) that resulted in the death of insurrectionist Ashley Babbitt as a mob attempted to break through barricaded doors that divided them and access to the area members of Congress were sheltering in place in the House Chamber.

Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick also died of injuries sustained during the mob riot. Video evidence (warning: graphic content) shows he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher by one of the rioters.

Ted Nugent, "Spirit Campfire" Episode

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