Yep, the PBR is in town tonight.

After paying my bills this morning, those Elite Seats are not in the budget.

So, what is there to do when you have five kids to entertain and no budget to speak of?

Well, go outdoors of course! There are numerous hiking trails like Cowiche that won't take a bunch of gas to get to.

Of course, if you have some gas it is time to head up looking for these:

Naches area mushrooms

Those we picked in the Naches area last Thursday.

Perhaps you're not a big fan of eating mushrooms, well I would say take the kids to one of the area ponds. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife have stocked area ponds with thousands of rainbow trout. Make sure to check out your limits and regs, I used my phone map app and was able to identify each pond easily.

If the sun is shining, use a fly and water bobber combo. It makes releasing fish unharmed a ton more likely than other set ups.

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