Today our U.S. military struck a foreign country.

As a military brat, I completely understand the fear and trepidation the families of those men and women that face these days and hours.

On television, the news coverage was more steered by the excitement of breaking news.

I understand the rush of covering historic events, a presidential legacy unfolding before our eyes is a very interesting story to tell.

The talking heads on television were already touting the public relations coup this would be for our president.

But with the muted tone our president took as he announced the air strikes reminded me of a movie that is one of my favorites.

I am proud of our president for backing up our promise to not allow this type of atrocity to occur. No I am not blind to the reality that we may not fully engage in the removal of Assad, which would really prevent this from happening again. In understand the politics moving forward are still going to be the divisive and any further action will could send my friends and family back into harms way.

But I just want to remind you that today, this evening, and tomorrow, we are all Americans first. Today we stand behind our president and our military carrying out his orders.

Brian Henderson
Brand Manager, KATS FM

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