News flash, you're not a tree, so if you're feeling stuck. It's time to dust yourself off, stretch those limbs and make some moves! New job, first job or part-time positions are all available, and below is a fresh list of local options and companies ready to say, "you're hired!"

First Things First

Resumes are a must when you're applying for a job so instead of getting butthurt because it's an inconvenience, spare yourself the wasted energy and get cracking. Use the positions with experience that fit the jobs you are applying for and keep the whole thing to one page. Feeling lost? Reach out to Worksource Yakima and they will get you all set up!

The more jobs you apply for, the more options you'll have in the end so apply, apply, apply and you've got this! If I could steal a line from Bridesmaids, "you're beautiful AND you smell like sunshine!" Positive vibes are currently being sent your way.

Business Currently Hiring

Prosser Memorial Hospital

  • 33 positions available in nursing, positions located in Grandview, Executive Assistants, and more!


  • Hiring on Special Education Teachers

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic 

  • Fellowship and Residency Program Coordinator
  • Recruiting Coordinator

The Salvation Army Western USA

  • Nursery Worker

Round Table Pizza

  • Cashier

WinCo Foods

  • Variety Stocker

Valley Mall

  • Each retailer hires from their websites however I do see that currently Macy's is hiring season workers

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

  • Housekeeper
  • Dietary Aid
  • Patient Services Coordinator
  • x-Ray Secretary

El Parrillon Loco

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