Super Bowl 54 and the first 100 years of the NFL are now in the books and while the game lived up to the hype (Chiefs beat Niners 31-20) the commercials fared so-so, in my opinion.
Of all the spots I caught,  I think I most enjoyed the ad for the Hyundai Sonata that touted its "Smart Park" feature. described it as "Boston-accented Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch -- made good use of its celebrities, proved genuinely funny and, not incidentally, demonstrated what looked like way-cool technology."

I concur.

I also LOL'd at the spot for Cheetos popcorn that featured a guy with cheesy fingers getting out of unpleasant situations -- like changing a baby's diaper -- while the strains of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" played.

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