Last Friday, on its debut, I took my wife and some friends to the Orion Theater to see the Elton John biopic "Rocketman".

I swore that I was going to the film house to witness the Queen/Freddie Mercury flick "Bohemian Rhapsody" but, alas, I never made it. I eventually watched it at home but I kicked myself for not seeing it in Atmos sound on the big screen. Man, am I  glad I did this time...

Taron Egerton plays the enigmatic Elton John with the same eerily accurate aplomb that Rami Malek did as Freddie Mercury. Both are relatively unknown but I can say that I was previously impressed by Egerton's acting when he portrayed Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards in the biopic about the U.K.'s unlikely ski jumping novelty in the 1988 Winter Olympics. He does not disappoint as Elton.

The difference between these two pictures is that, while they bot try to document, one ("Bohemian") culminates as a concert pic with the "Live Aid" performance ending the film. "Rocketman", conversely, plays out as a musical with events of Elton John's life leading into beloved tunes known around the world.

There are a few sexually graphic scenes and drug-addled moments so be forewarned. That said, Sir Elton, admittedly, did not lead a PG-13 life, hence the R rating.

Personally, I give it 8 out of 10 rockets.

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