Today is Kelly West's last day as an employee here at 94.5 KATS (Townsquare Media/Yakima). I've been in this business for 28 years - all here in the Yakima Valley that I am proud to call my home - and I have never seen a person have such an immediate impact on a community in the radio industry as that I've witnessed by one Kelly West.

Most likely yourself, the people you call co-workers become like family members. How could they not? We probably spend more time together with them than we do our own spouses, kids etc. And like all members of a family, Kelly and I have had our ups and downs. I would call her "Hutch" when we weren't seeing eye-to-eye. Those of you that have gotten to know her personally will know why.

As she moves on to a new radio opportunity in Fayetteville, NC, I want her to know that I will miss her soft-heartedness the most.

Peace and love, K.W.!

The Lyons clan - Todd E., Carrie, Gavin and Drew


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