Tom Cruise has booked his ticket for outer space.

(Godspeed, Tom Cruise.)

You can’t make a space movie set in space without a way to get up there, and now Cruise has one. According to the Twitter account @ShuttleAlmanac, Tom Cruise and his director, Doug Liman, are both booked on the October 2021 tourist flight of the SpaceX Crew Dragon commanded by astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria.

This outer space movie actually shot in outer space idea has been, ahem, floated for a while, but it’s been picking up steam in recent months. Rumors first began leaking out last May; then, in July, Universal became interested in distributing the project. Liman and Cruise, who previously teamed on the acclaimed sci-fi film Edge of Tomorrow, will supposedly shoot this new movie with the support of NASA and SpaceX — so their seats on the SpaceX Dragon makes perfect sense.

There’s no more information at this point about the flight, or how long they’ll be up there, or whether they’re actually planning to shoot some of the movie or if this is just an extremely expensive scouting mission. Either way, it brings Cruise a step closer to his goal. You could even say it’s one small step for Tom Cruise, one giant leap for visionary filmmakers who want to shoot science-fiction movies in outer space.

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