Tom Morello remains one of the busiest men in rock, and 2019 will not see any downtick in his activity. We spoke with Morello at the fourth annual Bowl for Ronnie event at the Pinz Bowling Alley in Studio City, Calif., and the rocker revealed some exciting plans for the upcoming year.

While many fans are aware that Morello released the guest filled Atlas Underground album earlier this fall, it now appears that the guitarist is planning to translate the music from the album for the live stage, but it may not be the traditional rock show. "I'm working on a show for 2019 that in the same way we tried to challenge musical boundaries on the record, we’re going to try to flip the idea of what a traditional rock and roll show is," Morello told us. "It will not remind you of a traditional rock and roll show at all. It’s going to be part art installation, part lots of kick ass shredding guitar solos and so that if Wu-Tang Clan and Marcus Mumford come, it’ll be great, but if not there’s still plenty that will be moshpit and dancefloor worthy as well."

As for Prophets of Rage, it appears that fans won't have to wait too long for more music either. "We’re about halfway done making a record. We’re meeting on Monday to figure out the next steps but there will definitely be music if not before the end of this year, then definitely in 2019."

Prophets of Rage were expected to be in full promotion mode this summer, but unfortunately Avenged Sevenfold had to call off their summer run while M. Shadows dealt with vocal issues. That said, Morello expressed his excitement over that run and left the door open to possibly pair up with them down the road. "I don’t know that it’s going to work this coming summer, but we were psyched to do that tour," said the guitarist. "I wish them well and I hope we get to rock together again some time in the future."

Another big thing for Morello in 2019 could be an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rage Against the Machine are currently on the ballot, but Morello knows the competition to get in is tough. "I looked at the list of nominees and of the 15, I’d probably vote for 13 or so to be in," says the guitarist. "There are many deserving candidates. And in this particular time the more raging against the machine we can do, the better."

As for the present, not only is the Atlas Underground album out, but Morello also recently put his stamp on Grandson's breakout hit, "Blood // Water," doing a remix for the emerging star (listen below). "I love Grandson. I just remixed a song of his. He’s pretty kick ass. I initially just loved that one song, and then I did a deeper dive on him," said Morello, who added that the musician is one of a few acts he named who is "steadfastly bringing rock and roll into a 2018 and beyond spirit."

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