Tracii Guns has a panic disorder and instead of missing out on playing a show, thanks to a makeshift set up Tracii played the entire L.A. Guns concert in Plano, Texas from the venue's backstage bathroom.

Legacy Hall Plano is an outdoor venue that has over 20 restaurants and bars surrounding it, which was an issue for the musician. Tracii posted this on social media about the show, "So we have a unique situation. A lot of people know that I have a panic disorder. While I have it 95 perfect under control, heat is the remaining trigger and I simply cannot play in the heat. BUT!!! We have found a solution for today's show and I will be playing n a comfy bathroom directly behind the stage where there is air conditioning. I will do an Instagram livestream during the set if y'all really need to watch me play. I apologize for my crazy brain."

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, cables, audio equipment and a video screen were set up in a backstage bathroom, thanks to bassist Johnny Martin.  Martin says that Tracii wasn't going to play the show at all "because his anxiety is still pretty prevalent." The bassist suggested that they "find an air-conditioned spot near the stage And... VOILA! ... Here we are. Much butter than him option out, all together. I'M A FUCKING GENIUS!."

Tracii Guns posted a video of himself playing "Speed" in the bathroom while the rest of his band was on stage 20 feet away. Some of the comments on his Instagram video say "a true professional always finds a way," "Add this to the list of reasons why you're one of my guitar heroes" and "Pure badassery and true dedication to your art and to the fans who came to the show. Thank you, Tracii!". Many others agreed that heat makes their anxiety worse and thanked him for his transparency.

Based on the videos and pictures the musician posted on social media, it appears that he was indeed live from the shitter, aka playing the show while sitting on the toilet. Watch Tracii Guns play an entire L.A. Guns show from the backstage bathroom and see what the set up looked like for the rest of the band.

Watch Tracii Guns Play Entire L.A. Guns Concert From Backstage Bathroom

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