Do you remember a time when Mark Tremonti was just "the guitarist from Creed and Alter Bridge"? It's been an eventful few years for Tremonti as the axe man has stepped out to front his own self-titled band and released a trio of albums. With Dust now in stores, Fret 12 recently compiled a short film titled Days Before Dust which retraces the steps that led to this album.

It begins with Tremonti in the studio working out some riffs and having a little trial and error trying to realize the songs for his first album All I Was. We get a glimpse that few see inside the studio as the band rehearses, tracks and lays down songs together, all leading up to their All I Was listening party.

One of the more interesting parts of the short film is revisiting the time when bassist Brian Marshall had to exit the band due to a conflict just a day prior to their first tour. We get a glimpse of Tremonti on the phone calling up Wolfgang Van Halen and the young bassist doing a quick study session learning the material prior to the band hitting the stage.

The retrospective also takes viewers onstage for the band's touring in support of their debut album and touring for their subsequent releases, gives you a glimpse of their rehearsals and tracking for both the Cauterize and Dust albums and shows you part of the Cauterize listening party where Tremonti himself discusses the origins of "Flying Monkeys" before playing it for the first time.

What will the future hold for Tremonti? Only time will tell. But at present there's a brand new album to check out. Dust just arrived in stores and can be purchased via Amazon and iTunes. Tremonti will return to the road later this month to kick off a European tour. See all of their dates here.

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