Have you seen these signs come across your social media apps?

Several cities across the country have seen large construction sites with these signs on the surrounding fences:


I did a little digging when a friend in Washington, D.C., saw these and posted them on her timeline and found the social media post from an artist called "Plastic Jesus."

I found his website and sure enough, there was one of the signs and the following quote:

"A few months ago the idea that people would be prevented from traveling to the USA whilst holding the correct credentials would have sounded crazy. Or that people having traveled here legitimately would be detained for no reason and without legal representation. Or that Immigration snatch squads would wait outside schools or public meetings to apprehend people even though their immigration status is currently being processed by the USA government ... Not so far fetched now?"

So if you see some friends posting pictures of these signs, you can tell them they are the product of an artist and not an actual government-made sign.
Again, to be clear: THESE ARE FAKE. It's the same artist that built the "wall" around Trump's Hollywood Star on the Walk Of Fame.

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