The team responsible for developing most of the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon series has been added to the development of the next-gen Tom Clancy project, The Division.

According to Ubisoft's official blog, Ubiblog, Ubisoft's Red Storm studio has been added to help with the creation of Tom Clancy's The Division. Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft's Sweden-based studio, is already in charge of The Division's development, using the innovative Snowdrop engine to build the game from the ground-up. Massive (known for their work on Far Cry 3), eventually went to Ubisoft to request for more help on the project, deeming that it was too massive for the small studio to develop on their own. Luckily, Red Storm was there to answer Massive's call.

Red Storm was founded in 1996 by a small team of writers and developers, which actually included Tom Clancy. The studio eventually began to work on the original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon titles. Now, Red Storm has an entire team whose focus is on authentic weapons design. The team actually tries out authentic, military-grade weapons and vehicles so Red Storm can accurately recreate them in their titles. Since The Division takes place in the midst of a pandemic that sweeps across New York City, the weapons Red Storm will devise and provide for the game will consist of both realistic and common hardware one would find in the fiction of the game.

The Division begins once New York society crumbles and a classified group of tactical agents, trained for self-support in extreme situations, is sent in to save NY's surviving inhabitants. Be on the lookout once The Division comes into play in Q4 2014 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.