As the resident vinyl junkie here, I don't know how many times I people ask me, "Xander, I want to start collecting vinyl -- what's the best way to get albums?" Being this is too complex of a question to answer, I have put together a weekly column that will help you start/build your vinyl collection.

Know your price limits and don't overspend on used albums. 

I get it, you want all the greatest albums on vinyl. I was the same way. When I first started It was pretty easy to acquire used records for a decent price ... However, now that everyone is getting into the vinyl game, people who are wanting to part with their collections are demanding ridiculous amounts of money. Some of them are even asking for ridiculous amounts just on one record. But that copy of Dark Side of The Moon might not be in the best condition. If a seller is asking for ridiculous amounts on records that are not worth the wax they're pressed on (example Grandma's old record collection) -- it's best to steer clear. If they give you some sob story about how they need to sell their collection because they're living in a shed with their family, and they're using an expensive iPhone to contact you ... STEER CLEAR!!!

Xander's Vinyl Recommendation For This Week.


The Beatles -- "Revolver"
Everyone needs to have some of The Fab Four in their collection. But choosing one album by The Beatles is a tough decision. My choice would be 1966's Revolver. Not only was this voted the third best album by Rolling Stone, but it also broke The Beatles away from forever being a pop act. This is a must for any collection! If you do enjoy Revolver, then make sure you pick up other albums like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Rubber Soul and The White Album.


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