Ever have that moment when you're watching TV or a movie and one of the characters utters a specific date -- say, December 28th, for instance (!) -- and you excitedly shout out, "Hey! That's my birthday!"?

Of course you have. Something similar happens when your hometown is mentioned, am I right?

Back in February, I scoured the archives of the game show "Jeopardy!" and found that "Yakima" has been an answer (question!) on 11 separate occasions. That then reminded me of the time when my then younger son was watching Nickelodeon's kid's show "iCarly" when the entire episode revolved around one of the character having to move with her grandfather to... YAKIMA!

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It wasn't until the other day, however, that I was alerted by my friend Mike Brown on his Facebook page about the time when Yakima was mentioned on "Seinfeld"! Mind you, I was never really into the show back in its heyday but ironically I eventually became a humongous fan of co-creator Larry David's HBO show "Curb Your Enthusiasm". I did remember the "Seinfeld" episode where Seattle Mariners former star outfielder Jay "The Bone" Buhner was part of the punchline. But Yakima? NO WAY!

WAY! Scroll to the 1:59 mark of the clip when Jerry is asking Elaine about her new boyfriend!

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