It is no secret that the novel coronavirus has taken its toll on everyone -- probably none harder than small businesses, especially restaurants and bars/taverns. Recently, there has been an advent of groups organizing on social media that are aimed at advocating for local restaurants by coalescing Yakimanians to make a concerted effort to patronize various establishments or, at least, leave positive reviews, purchase swag, gift cards and the like to help this segment of struggling small businesses. Most notably, the Facebook groups Yakima Cash Mob and Yakima Food Mob.

Are these efforts in vain or are they actually having a real economic impact?

If we are to believe a recent study done by the fine folks at Next Insurance, Washington state ranks near the very best when it comes to supporting, not just restaurants and eateries, but small businesses in general.

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Next Insurance investigated how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people perceive and interact with their local small businesses. Their survey polled 2,800 people and found that roughly 8 out of every 10 people that responded said that they had and are continuing to make a conscious effort to support small businesses.

Congratulations, Washingtonians! We are rated the third best state in the US when it comes to supporting small businesses!

States Where the Highest % of People Have Supported Small Businesses
#1 California (94.05%)
#2 Connecticut (92.86%)
#3 Washington (92.78%)
#4 Florida (90.91%)
#5 New York (89.80%)
#6 Georgia (88.73%)
#7 Ohio (88.14%)
#8 New Jersey (87.30%)
#9 Virginia (87.04%)
#10 Indiana (86.34%)

The study also found that respondents said that the "most appealing characteristics of shopping at small businesses according to consumers include more money ending up in the local economy and local job creation."

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