This goth looks like a completely different person after getting a Barbie transformation. Watch the goth transform into a Barbie below, changing everything from her makeup, to her hair, to her clothes.

The power of makeup, hair, and clothes is undeniable in this video. We've got another mind-blowing goth transformation and the person at the end of this video, just like the other one, totally turns into someone else. She takes off all of her chunky, silver jewelry - pentagram choker with long chains included and her black fishnet sleeves too.

The goth takes out her eyebrow and lip piercings and cleans off her black eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrows, black lipstick, and the rest of her makeup. With a fresh face and hair that's no longer teased, she already looks completely different.

She then starts doing her makeup using a foundation, powder, and contour that are closer to her actual skin tone versus super white. The woman then adds some purple eye shadow, winged eyeliner, fake lashes, and some red lipstick.

The goth transformation then continues with the woman covering up her gigantic chest tattoo, then her arm and hand tattoos too. She completes her transformation into a Barbie by putting on a blonde wig and trading in her all black clothes for a frilly, purple dress, a pink purse, and pink sandals.

The end of the video shows her before and after side by side and it's honestly blowing our mind that this is even the same person. Look at how you can't see any of her tattoos and everything about her has changed from the color of her hair to her jewelry. Either way, the woman looks beautiful and whatever look makes her the happiest is the one she should be rocking.

Watch: Goth Looks Like a Different Person After Getting Barbie Makeover

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