Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz is an electrifying performer and, on occasion, he needs to refuel in the middle of a set rather than grit it out and wait for the post-show catering and drinks. When the 'Killthrax' tour hit KSE's home state of Massachusetts on March 4, the guitarist gobbled down some pizza onstage... while playing the solo to "Holy Diver."

The Dio cover itself is a highlight of any show as the band has regularly been joined by Anthrax's Joey Belladonna, but fans in Worcester got to bear witness to something perhaps even more memorable. In the video above, a roadie can be seen making his way to Dutkiewicz from stage right with a slice of pizza in tow. He held it out and the axeman made his best effort to finish it off before finishing up his solo.

Meanwhile, Jesse Leach stood and watched in humorous disbelief. It shouldn't come as much of a shock since we're talking about the man who has crowd surfed to the bar mid-song for a refresher before making his way back to the stage along a sea of outstretched arms.

The second leg of the 'Killthrax' wrapped up the following night and it could be one of the last runs Killswitch makes in support of 2016's Incarnate. Leach had stated in early February that the band might dish out a new album within the next six to seventh months. The group has a busy summer lined up as they've been tapped as the opening band on Iron Maiden's European tour which kicks off on May 26.

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