Long hair may look cool for most metalheads, but it does come with some safety hazards, as one stagediving audience member recently discovered at a Vio-Lence show in Los Angeles.

Guitarist Phil Demmel, who recently left Machine Head and reunited with Vio-Lence, posted footage of an odd stage incident that can only leave most metalheads cringing and saying ouch. The footage from the Friday (May 31) show in Los Angeles sees a few fans making their way up onstage to jump back into the crowd, but when one gets a little too close to Demmel, his hair gets caught in the musician's headstock.

As you can see, the fan gets pushed back toward the stage into Demmel, who nudges him back away, but as they separate, the long strand of hair gets tangled in the guitar as the fan falls back toward the crowd. Watch the incident below.

Demmel ended a lengthy tenure with Machine Head earlier this year, calling the experience of continuing with the group "unhealthy." Since he left the band, he filled in briefly for Slayer, has played with Vio-Lence and will reportedly sit in with Nonpoint.

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