I love to travel. When I do I can't help but notice what differences each airport has. For instance, Seattle has art pieces throughout the entire airport while local Seattle musicians like Duff McKagan, Sir Mix-a-Lot and others chime in through the loud speakers welcoming you to Seattle. This photo I took above was in Charlotte, North Carolina as it had these white rocking chairs everywhere in the airport so you could take a load off and check out the scenery out the window. Pretty neat!

Yakima's airport, as much as I love the convenience of how quick you can be through the front doors through security to the gate faster than any other airport I've ever visited, well, I wouldn't mind if it had something extra. Doesn't have to be much, just a little something that really proclaims 'Welcome to Yakima' for visitors who are flying into town for maybe the first time.

I understand and acknowledge they do have a selfie station, but it's so far in the back corner I think most people miss it as when they land they just walk in a straight line through the exit doors and miss it completely.

Here's a few ideas.

Free Apples
I mean, c'mon. What would proclaim Welcome to Yakima! more than free apples as you walk through the gate. You often get Hawaiian leis when you land in Hawaii. Just a big ol' apple bin full of apples that you're free to grab one on your way.

Tap Room
Once upon a time we had the terminal restaurant and I remember it being very good. I'm not saying we should bring back an entire restaurant but even just a simple tap room featuring a few of Yakima's finest craft beers wouldn't be a bad idea.

Wine Tasting
Honestly, same as the taproom. People always travel here for the wine tours - why not get an early start?

A Mini Museum
I do like what our Yakima museum has to offer. It'd be nice if we had displays and murals of some of our area's heritage and culture. Native outfits, Mt. St. Helen's ash, photos of historic downtown - I'd love to see it.

A Bin of Hops
At the fair every year they have a bin full of hops that you can see, feel and even grab a small baggy and keep a few for whatever reason. Could be cool to showcase at the airport.

I'm sure you've got great ideas as well. I'm a big fan of YKM and no doubt you'll see me there sometime soon.

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