Disney+'s first Halloween special is finally coming out, and critics are loving it. It's not out on the streaming platform for the public to view just yet... but it’s coming very soon. Werewolf By Night will hit Disney+ on October 7. A Werewolf By Night project has actually been in the works since roughly 2001. The special itself is directed by Michael Giacchino, a first-time director, but long-time Marvel composer.

Werewolf By Night is actually a long-running part of Marvel’s history. Jack Russell, also known as Werewolf By Night, is a lycanthrope. During the full moon, and the day before and after, he transforms into a werewolf. After a number of events, Jack Russell gains the ability to transform outside of the full moon window, retaining his intellect. Also featured in the 53-minute special is Elsa Bloodstone (played by Laura Donnelly), who is a famous Marvel monster hunter.

Marisa Maribal of IndieWire loved it, saying:

It wouldn’t be a Marvel movie without fast-paced action filled with fight sequences, and fight coordinator David Conk delivers plenty of punches. Surprisingly, there are some fairly graphic kills and gruesome injuries. However, it’s just borderline violent enough to appeal to the young Disney and Marvel audiences without inducing nightmares.

Bloody Disgusting writer Megan Navarro heavily praised the throwbacks to classic horror, saying:

Giacchino uses broad brushstrokes to paint his classic horror tribute, creating an uneven homage that can’t fully marry the ’30s style horror to the Marvel mold. Werewolf is at its most fun when attempting to live in that horror world and least fun when hurling through MCU fight scenes between monster hunters we’ve just met and don’t care to know.

/Film also thoroughly praised the special, calling it a “fun monster movie homage.” Writer Chris Evangelista said:

Giacchino hopes to invoke classic Universal monster movies, complete with black and white cinematography. The special is too modern-looking for that, but there are some fun tricks, like fake cigarette burns to signify reel changes. And there's plenty of style, too, with the black and white cinematography lending the entire endeavor a moody, atmospheric vibe.

Werewolf By Night premieres on Disney+ on October 7.

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