Talking about people's income, especially yours, is never an easy subject. Some are uncomfortable discussing how much their family makes for several reasons. When I talk about my town to others when I travel I say it's nice, has it's up and downs but I generally like living here. But then other topics may come up like how we don't have a Trader Joe's based on average income of our town. Or we don't have a Whole Foods for maybe the same reason. That asks the question: What is middle class?

I remember my mom doing a generalized study once on the differences between poor, middle class, and rich. For instance, the poor are wondering if they're eating tonight, middle-class know they're eating but wonder if it'll be enough and the rich are more concerned with presentation and perhaps ingredients. Or how poor know the bus schedule, middle class know the cheapest gas in town while rich know the airline schedule. Again, generalized, but you get the idea.

The people at Go Banking Rates posted the income level for each state. Here's what they said about Washington state.

2-person family middle-class income range: $53,747 to $160,438
3-person family middle-class income range: $61,211 to $182,720
4-person family middle-class income range: $71,747 to $214,170

This, being said, I think I'm in extreme poverty.

I mean, I'm not. I pay my bills on time, my kids are always fed, we go out to eat on occasion. I think we're okay on my side. Sure, my shoes might be falling apart and I'm wearing the same coat for 10 years but I have no reason to replace it.

This was interesting to see. Not sure exactly how accurate but interesting all the same.

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