May you're out to get sushi with friends and you're looking over the menu. You see words you recognize like salmon, tuna, egg, shrimp and even eel. But you may also see something called a spider roll. It's not made with real spiders, is it? it?

A Spider Roll is not made of spiders

Fortunately for all, a spider roll isn't made out of spiders. Not even fried spiders. A spider roll consists of some fresh ingredients like you may find cucumber, avocado, carrots and more but the spider part of it is actually soft-shelled crab. And it's amazing.

I think it's called a spider roll as the outside of the roll that still has the legs sticking out makes it look a bit like a spider.

Either way, it's delicious and one of my favorites. If you happen to be grabbing sushi somewhere in Yakima and haven't tried it or were too scared to try, you should. They're great.

Fortunatly, these are very common at most sushi places. I'd say anywhere in Yakima that sells sushi should have them on the menu. This photo was from Kobe Sushi and Teriyaki but I know they have them at Kyoto's Sushi and Steakhouse, New York Teriyaki and I'm sure I saw them at Ozeki's as well. I know we have a couple more places with sushi in town that escape me at the moment. All of them great choices depending on how close you live to any of those options.

Give it a shot, I think you'll like it. And, since it's cooked, it's a great option if you can't get over the raw fish idea.

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