What is the weirdest street name in the Yakima Valley?

There are some fun and strange ones for sure. I asked my Facebook friends which ones they knew and here's what they said:

  • Bonnie Doon--which we found out is Irish for "beautiful river" (Yakima)
  • Home Street (Yakima)
  • Wenas (Selah)
  • Chicken Wing Lane (Ahtanum)
  • Briskey Ln--named after an apple orchardist named Briskey (Naches)
  • Nob Hill (Yakima)
  • Hanratty Drive (Yakima)
  • Mulder Drive (Yakima)
  • Whenwegetalittlemoney" Street
  • Maui Place (Yakima)
  • Oahu Place (Yakima)
  • Kauai Place (Yakima)
  • Bitterroot Way (Yakima)
  • Sheep Company (Selah)
  • Boggess Lane (Yakima)
  • Laura Lane (Laura)
  • Whitish Ln (Ahtanum)

The weirdest Yakima Valley street name of all: Monty Python Ln (Grandview). Shout out to Rick Castañeda who tipped me to that one!

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