The city of Seattle is once again brimming with excitement as the specter of another Super Bowl appearance looms. Friday, the city's most recognizable landmark, the Space Needle, will again show its support by hoisting a massive blue 12 banner.

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready will have the honor of pulling the cords to raise the flag on top of the iconic structure. The flag goes up at 9 a.m. Friday and will remain atop the Space Needle until Sunday.

While McCready, who has performed the national anthem at Mariners games in the past, gets what many would consider to be the honor, it is usually a well-kept secret as to who gets the duty at CenturyLink Field this Saturday.

Only a handful of people have hoisted the flag just before kickoff at Seahawks home games and, since the playoffs bring a bigger spotlight to the team, the organization may be bringing out the "big guns" for the ceremony.

Some have suggested that recent baseball hall of fame inductee and former Seattle Mariner pitcher Randy Johnson get the honor.

Who do you suggest?