Black Friday during a pandemic just isn't what it used to be. Shoppers shopping, tearing and scratching for the best deals like crazy people. Actually it's usually a rather pleasant experience...except for the crowds. But online shopping, even before COVID, has taken an bite out of the crowds. But those crowds still expect deals on Black Friday. So much so that Black Friday isn't even necessarily on a Friday can be a week or even a month long sale.

But why is it called Black Friday? The Friday after Thanksgiving became a huge shopping day in the 1960's. It's kind of a kick off to holiday shopping, and many Americans had that day off work, so it seemed appropriate. Back then, stores DID NOT set up Christmas displays until after Thanksgiving, and this seemed like a good way to kick start shoppers into action. The 'Black' comes from stores moving out of the red (loss) and into the black (profit).


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