If you are anything like me at all (and you love ROCK so we already have at least that much in common), you've probably watched a few of the 100 or so reality shows based in Alaska.

Generally speaking, I just watch them to see Alaskan wildlife and majestic views.

So far, no tigers have shown up on any of the episodes.

My ex-wife is an Alaskan park ranger at Glacier Bay National Park, so she is friends with a lot of the folks who work across the state in other parks. The other morning one of her colleagues shared a post from Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.

It is simply amazing.

Big wild cats are becoming increasingly rare due to habitat loss. In Russia, they do not have the same wildlife protections that we enjoy here in the United States. When deforestation threatens a species here, we generally act to save the amazing diversity we still have. Places like Indonesia only have two breeding groups of wild tigers left, and the second was only discovered in the last few weeks by a remote camera just like the one that captured this Alaskan tiger.


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