The Yakima Police Department is investigating a serious crash reported on Monday in which a 26-year-old woman was injured after being struck by a vehicle while crossing Tieton Drive at 40th Avenue. The woman was in critical condition on Monday at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. We don't know her condition Today.
Officers were called to the intersection of 40th Avenue and Tieton Drive Monday afternoon after the woman was struck while she was crossing Tieton Drive on North 40th Avenue. Police say she was in the crosswalk when she was struck by the vehicle. Her name has not been released. Police say the woman was struck by a vehicle that was traveling eastbound. The driver was making a right turn onto 40th Avenue when the woman was struck. The driver apparently didn't see the woman crossing the street. The woman was taken to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital with injuries to her head and body. Officers talked to the driver but no citations were issued on the scene. The investigation continues Today by the Yakima Police Department. No charges against the driver are expected.

Police remind drivers to always be on alert for people walking or biking along area roadways and in crosswalks. Authorities say some drivers are distracted with phones and other devices and may not be paying attention. It's the reason for the state law that bans talking or texting behind the wheel without a hands free device. Even hand held devices can take your mind off the road say the experts to be careful if you use a cellphone or even listen to music while driving.

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