While Wonder Man might be a bit of an obscure character, he’s an incredibly exciting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe roster... And, according to a rumor with some substantial weight, he could be exactly what the Marvel TV world needs.

A tweet by Joe Otterson, a writer for Variety, claims that he could function as a Hollywood satire, given his history in-universe as a famous actor.


While we don't know much about the show and how it’ll look when it's actually done, we do have a few clues as to the tone. The first place to look is at the people involved. First up is Andrew Guest, a writer on hit comedies like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Community. Both shows satirize institutions, like a police precinct or community college, respectively. The other notable person involved with the project is Destin Daniel Cretton, director of Shang-Chi And The Seven Rings. Guest is to be the head writer for Wonder Man, while Cretton is an executive producer and potential director.


As for Wonder Man himself, he has a rich history despite the fact that he's never been one of Marvel’s most famous heroes. What remains constant about him is his massive powers and his involvement with the Scarlet Witch; he's also the blueprint for Vision's personality matrix. His powers run the gamut from super-strength to the potential to shift into an "ionic form". Originally, he was only supposed to have basic super strength, but experiments gave him strength roughly equivalent to that of Thor.

As of now, there's no word on when exactly Wonder Man will be on Disney+. What we do know is that Phase 4 is absolutely jam-packed, and it's unlikely that we'll see a release during this phase. That being said, be on the lookout for more Wonder Man news as it develops!

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