Caleb Moore, the snowmobiler who crashed during the Winter X Games last week, died Thursday at the age of 25.

Moore’s family announced his passing, but declined to add any further information.

The Texas native, who had won four medals in the X Games in his career, had been running in the finals when he lost control and his vehicle bounced off of him after he fell on the ground.

Moore managed to walk off the course and went to the hospital to treat a concussion. At that point, doctors discovered bleeding in his heart. He was transferred to a different hospital and began experiencing bleeding in the brain.

It’s the first death ever to occur in the 17 years of the Winter X Games.

Moore and his younger brother, Colten, began competing on snowmobiles four years ago, following years on the ATV racing circuit. Colten suffered a separated pelvis while competing in the X Games last week.

Yakima's own Joe Parsons won three medals in the same competition

ESPN, which broadcasts the X Games, plans to investigate snowmobiling to make sure it’s as safe as possible.

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