KFC, for a limited time, has chicken and waffles. It's a combo I've heard about mostly in the south but not so much here in the Northwest. I had to try it for myself.

The chicken is, well, it's chicken. It's your standard KFC chicken. This Chicken and Waffles dish comes with either one chicken breast, a leg and thigh or three chicken strips - your choice for the same price (I believe I paid about $5.50). I opted for the leg and thigh.

The waffle, however, I wasn't used to. I'm used to making them at home but never pan-fry them or anything like some do to give it a slightly crispier outer-shell. It was a very dense waffle. It tasted odd. Not bad, just had something extra to it. Maybe it was maple flavoring or something but it had something extra to enhance the flavor of itself.

They also included some Mrs. Butterworth syrup if you need extra for drizzling. I opted not to use it. It was fine without it, but I'm sure syrup is part of the Chicken and Waffles experience.

All in all, I'd rather just have chicken. I didn't care for the waffle but maybe it's because I'm just not used to it.

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