I love a good giggle and the other day while scrolling through my Facebook feed I came across a string of screenshots back and forth between Yakima. P.D and Yakima P.D. You got that right, apparently, there is a parody Yakima P.D account out there that's just been discovered.

I can't find the response tweet where the "parody" account responds with the comment, "admit it we're funnier than you" but this is where things start getting interesting.

Remember back in the day when you got locked out of your myspace account and you had to hold up a sign with your name proving that it was you. Check this out! A resident decided further proof was needed.

@joshfromwv asks "prove you're the real account, I want to see 3 of your officers, in a selfie, with a banana with your twitter @ written in sharpie on it, and I want one of the cops holding a coffee mug that says #1 Dad. If you can do this, we will believe you're the REAL ypd page"

Yes, Josh! I mean inquiring minds want to know, who is the real account? I'll be honest the parody account has a cute pig with a police hat on it, first sign there could be something amiss. So the big question is. Did the real Yakima Police respond?

These guys! They nailed it. #1 Dad coffee mug, check! Banana with @, check! Selfie not so much but that's not the point, there are three of them, wearing their masks and I believe we have a real Yakima P.D twitter account confirmation on our hands.

In all honestly, it's probably not a good idea to impersonate any official's social media. In fact, it's actually prohibited by law in Washington State so just an FYI for you jokester out there to keep it safe and fun on social media.

Good idea to keep it safe all over the place, people are trying to get ya any way they can. I got a phishing e-mail telling me I ran a red light yesterday and I almost clicked on it. Not today Satan.

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