The Yakima real estate market continues to see growing numbers despite the ongoing pandemic. Cory Bemis owner of Yakima's John L. Scott Real Estate says people continue to buy and sell homes in the Yakima area. Many are being pushed by 30 year fixed rate mortgages which are now averaging a 3.02% interest rate according to Bemis says that's more than 0.25% less than one month ago. Bemis says there were 141 total homes sold in April, 2021 which is a 2.8% decrease from the 145 homes that sold in April of last year. All total there have been 525 homes sold so far this year. That number is a 0.4% increase from last year when 523 homes sold.
Prices are staying strong. Bemis says the Median Home Sales Price in the Yakima is currently $305,000. That's a 21.19% increase from last year when the price was $259,000.
Bemis says the choices are now limited in the market saying the inventory of homes for sale is at an extreme low with 147 homes. But he says sales are still strong and in fact he says "the total number of homes sold in 2021 is slightly higher than last year and our total number of pending sales (383) is quite possibly the highest we've ever seen."
He says there was a total of 223 homes listed for sale this April. 54 of those listings were still actively available as of May 8th.

Bemis says the biggest and most important news for Yakima Real Estate earlier this year was that Realtors can now hold open houses.
Some open houses were held over the past weekend and Bemis says more will happen in the near future.

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