Yakima city crews continue work around the city of Yakima upgrading signals and fixing roads before the fall and winter months. City crew will be busy Wednesday with a traffic signal upgrade that will impact the intersection of Yakima Avenue and 7th Avenue.

The work happens 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

Crews will be upgrading the traffic signal heads at the intersection from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm this Wednesday. The traffic signal will not be in operation during the work hours. Traffic will be restricted to one lane in each direction with stop signs at the 4-way stop. That means slow downs and the 4-way-stop rule will be in place.
Drivers are reminded the speed limit through all traffic-related work zones within the city of Yakima is 20 miles-per-hour.

City officials just ask drivers to be careful and slow down

As always, the schedule for this type of project is subject to change daily dependent on weather, equipment failure, and emergencies.

This is last in a series of 11 traffic signal upgrades the City is providing for intersections along Yakima Avenue this summer. The improvements include upgrading to larger, more efficient 12-inch LED signal heads.

For more information, contact Traffic Operations Supervisor Dan Nickoloff at 509-576-6746.

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