Yakima City officials from the streets division are talking with Yakima Police Thursday as they begin a process to improve safety at the intersection of 48th Avenue and Washington Avenue. Authorities say they've seen numerous crashes at the intersection over the last two years and a double fatal three-car crash at the intersection on March 20. Two days later a near head-on crash was reported at the intersection on March 22.

City officials aren't releasing details but they say they have a plan

Safety is the number one priority of the city and city engineer J. Kendall says they plan on taking action at the intersection but he says it's too early to talk specifics.
The three vehicle crash on Sunday, March 20 resulted in two deaths, an 88-year-old driver and 86-year-old passenger. It's something city officials never want to happen again. So they're taking action.

Don't expect to see a traffic light at the intersection

Installing a traffic light in the area is not an option since the intersection is in the landing slope of the Yakima Airport but a roundabout could be a possibility says Yakima Police Capt. Jay Seely.  Until major changes are made at the intersection police urge drivers to watch for oncoming traffic along Washington Avenue when leaving the stop sign at 48th Avenue and realize many vehicles are traveling faster than they appear. They say drivers need to give themselves 5 to 10 seconds from the time they leave the stop sign to the time they enter traffic lanes.

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