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In a news release penned by General Manager Jeff Garretson, the Yakima Valley Pippins Baseball Club stated that they plan to proceed with their 2020 West Coast League season, but only when it is deemed that everyone is in the clear from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Pippins are scheduled to begin play on Friday, June 5, at the Orchard at Yakima County Stadium, where they're counting on a four-game weekend homestand.
Here is the team's statement in its entirety:

During the past several days, our lives have been changing so quickly because of the COVID-19 virus that we are all struggling to keep up. As with your families, our priority at this moment is the health and safety of all members of Pippins Baseball, from our staffs to our players, from our fans and business partners to our host families, all of whom have helped build the Pippins into a community asset over the past six years.

The Pippins remain committed to the Yakima Valley and the incredible people who help make this valley an exceptional place to live. We also remain committed to playing West Coast League baseball at Yakima County Stadium this summer, but only when it is safe to do so, and in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines. We will continue to monitor the changing dynamics closely, and respond appropriately.

Baseball in the Yakima Valley has been one of the many ways we connect with each other. While we share the disappointment with all local high school athletes and the collegiate athletes who are not playing the sports they love at this time, we are comforted knowing the drive and determination inside each of them will help them persevere. We’re looking forward to seeing them on the playing field again.

In the meantime, the Pippins urge residents to follow the local, state and federal guidelines to not only keep yourselves safe, but to keep your families and neighbors safe as well. Wash your hands. Practice social distancing. Be patient with each other. And look out for one another.

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