I can say without irony or gloating that nobody in the Pacific Northwest loves breakfast cereal as much as I do. I am as nostalgic for cereal as many may be for sports or their favorite bands from high school. Even today, though I don't eat it for breakfast it's still something I keep my eye out for when new cereal gets released. I was chatting with a co-worker about cereal and Quisp came up in the conversation. I told him it's still available which surprised him. It's true! If you miss Quisp it's still available.

It's not nearly as common to find as, say Cap'n Crunch on store shelves but the Quaker company still makes and sells it through their Amazon store.

There was a time maybe 8 years ago when I saw Target selling Quisp on store shelves, then about 6 months later when all stock went to Grocery Outlet when I could stock up for a while. I was happy to find out that Quisp is still available online.

Unfortunately, you do have to pay a premium. It may run you close to $10 a box. You can save if you buy a few as Amazon also sells 3 packs and other options.

Taste-wise, I think they taste the same. It's a sweetened corn crunch a little like Cap'n Crunch only these don't destroy your mouth. I don't buy these often but always a fun time when we do.

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