Does anyone actually eat Lucky Charms for those Celtic oat pieces? Of course not! It's also about those dehydrated marshmallows. As a kid I would intentionally eat those first just to have extra marshmallows at the end. Now, thanks to modern science, technology and a dash of 'supply and demand' you can now just buy a big ol' bag full of just cereal marshmallows and it's beautiful.

Cap'n Crunch needs an extra hint of sweetness? Add some cereal marshmallows. Your Raisin Bran to Raisin Bland? Add some cereal marshmallows. Wanna film yourself eating just a literal bowl full of cereal marshmallows for TikTok? Go for it.

These bags are only $4.50 and you can find them at the Big Lots next to Target on the east end of Yakima off Fair Avenue. I saw these and knew exactly what they were. I bought a bag but it may not be enough so might end up going back for another one or two. These do go stale pretty quickly after opening so once they're open take advantage of them quickly. If you have kids this shouldn't be a problem.

There's no guarantee these will still be there for too long as Big Lots is one of those stores that carries what it carries for the moment and once they're gone they may be gone forever. But, in the meantime, fun to see in Yakima.

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