WWE has launched many pro wrestlers into the ranks of super stardom including The Rock, Dave Batista, John Cena and a whole lot more. However some of these pro wrestlers aren't looking to get out of the business at all some want to stay for their entire life. However WWE has the habit of letting go some amazing talent, including Washington Native, Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan born Bryan Danielson was born and raised in Aberdeen Washington with the dream of one day going on to become a WWE wrestler. Knowing that it would take a lot of hard work and dedication Daniel Bryan moved to Texas to train with the Heart Break Kid himself Shawn Michaels.

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Daniel Bryan trained along side other future WWE stars including CM Punk who is also rumored to return to the ring tonight on AEW Rampage. Daniel Bryan would go on to be signed to WWE's up and coming wrestler program called NXT. He would spend some time there before debuting into the big leagues of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

Being the underdog of the company Daniel Bryan had to fight his way to the top by winning the hearts of the fans. He would go on to become world heavy weight champion and even the WWE champion on more than one occasion. Playing both the Face, and the Heel. Being The Face in pro wrestling means being the good guy/hero where being a Heel means the bad guy or villain of the company. He  received crowd response at an all time high while performing as both, needless to say this guy is one of the greatest in our time.

Daniel Bryan however suffered multiple head injuries that lead to seizures in real life. After years of surgery and recovery Daniel Bryan finally returned to the WWE but was recently let go due to Covid-19 and the company no longer being able to afford him.

That brings us to the now, Daniel Bryan has been rumored for months to return to the ring for AEW (All Elite Wrestling)  Rampage. Rumored to also return to the ring is crowd favorite CM Punk. It will be airing tonight on TNT and Hulu Live Tv at 10 pm PST.

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